Saturday, February 24, 2007

NHS Day of Action at City Hospital

Next Saturday (3rd March 2007) the City Hospital Supporters Group are holding a Day of Action at the front of the hospital on Trust property with the permission of the Chief Executive. There will be a marquee and at about 10am we will be joined by TUC members from around the Midlands on their way to the big Save our NHS Rally in the City Centre. Starting at 10.15am there will be some speeches, and we hope to have Khalid Mahmood MP among the speakers. There will be an opportunity for people who have not done so already to complete their consultation forms and the petition.

City Hospital needs you there to demonstrate your solidarity with our cause. The people who work there and the members of the community it serves have to be the ones that stand up and support it. Please come, even if it is for just a short time and bring your family, friends and anybody else that wants to support a great hospital doing a great job. The bigger our demonstration the more publicity our cause will receive giving us the best chance of being heard (you might even get a chance to be on TV!). Come and support City Hospital. You are needed now.

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