Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Adler Anger at (Genuine) Consultation

Ken Taylor has been organising a ballot for the Consultants at City on whether or not they support the Trust's interim reconfiguration plans. This seem to have put the wind up the Trust Board a little, as can be seen in the following letter to Ken Taylor from the Chief Executive (click on the letter to enlarge).

Ken has responded to the letter in the following fashion (a printable copy is available here):

Mr. John Adler,
Chief Executive,
Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust,
Trust Headquarters,
City Hospital,
Dudley Road,
Birmingham B18 7QH. 11th June 2007.

Dear Mr. Adler, Re: Ballot of City Hospital Consultants.

I was really disappointed to receive your letter today, both with regard to its content and its tone. In organising the ballot, City Hospital Supporters are giving the consultant medical staff at City Hospital the opportunity to express their opinion on the plans for the new hospital and the service reconfiguration in a truly democratic, fair, private and time-honoured way. We have done our best to make sure the doctors are aware of all the new developments such as Race Equality issues and the matter of the Birmingham City Council Health Scrutiny Committee’s response to your proposals, as well as the resounding rejection of the reconfiguration plans by the consultation process flawed as it was. There are ethical issues here for doctors who do have a wider responsibility to all members of the community served by the hospital. We also pointed out to them that apparently the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority is already under the impression that your proposals have clinical support, although admittedly they do not state where that support is based, and how it was obtained. Surely some clarification now would be most timely?

I would like to reassure you that Trust resources are not being squandered by City Hospital Supporters. The cost of materials such as paper and envelopes is being borne by Unison or City Hospital Supporters. This was made clear to ***** at the start of the campaign. I am sure ***** has only done things for us in her own time, because I know she comes into the hospital very early at around 7am. If we owe any money to the Trust, it will be reimbursed.

This ballot could go either way. We have given the consultants a choice. It was our intention to ask you to nominate a person to represent the Trust at the count to ensure that all was in order. This offer still stands. However if you do decline to nominate somebody we shall identify an impartial and respected individual to perform this task.

Your letter to me is very clear indeed. In response to your final paragraph I would simply say that when the Trust produces plans that address the health care needs of all of the populations of both City and Sandwell Hospitals in a fair and equitable manner, we will be able to campaign for the Trust and not against it. I look forward to that time.

Yours sincerely,

Dr.K.G.Taylor MD.,FRCP
On behalf of City Hospital Supporters Group

Ken and I would be very interested to here your opinion on these matters. The use of the comments facility below is positively encouraged.

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