Friday, July 20, 2007

Media Cover Independent Review

There was widespread media coverage yesterday of the decision by the new Secretary of State for Health, Alan Johnson, to refer the interim reconfiguration proposals on emergency surgery and trauma to an independent review panel. Phil Upton covered the story on Radio WM in the morning, interviewing both Ken Taylor and John Adler for their reactions to the news. Ken Taylor swatted away the claim by the Trust that this was old news, pointing out he had a letter dated 16th July from the recently appointed Alan Johnson. He believed the independent review was great news for the campaign, because it would allow us to put forward the case to a geniunely independent panel. Although Paediatrics has not been included in the review, the letter from Alan Johnson said that all significant reconfigurations would be independently reviewed, holding out hope that this may also be referred separately. Failing that, it is possible that the City Hospital Supporters Group will look for a judicial review.

Chief Exective John Adler put on a brave face, claiming he was looking forward to the opportunity to put forward the Trust's case to the independent panel and that this was actually old news being recycled from May. This is not strictly true, as although the plans were referred to the Secretary-of-State in May by the Birmingham City Council Health Scrutiny Committee, it is only this week that the referral to an independent panel has happened.

The Birmingham Mail also ran it as a main story which can be found here.

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