Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How Can You Register Your Concerns?

Get the document with the green front cover and the picture of the child “Shaping Hospital Services for the Future’’ which is the really important document about services together with the accompanying questionnaire by doing one of the following:

1) Phoning the Hospital on 0121 507 5940

2) E-mailing consultation@swbh.nhs.uk

3) Go to the Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust website http://www.swbh.nhs.uk/ Details are currently available via the latest news link
Alternatively, the consultation document can be filled in online via the following direct link http://www.sunion.warwick.ac.uk/onlinesurvey/interim2010/

Your response needs to be sent back to the Hospital or completed online before 15th March 2007 (this has been extended from the previous deadline which was 16th February 2007).

What does City Hospital Supporters Group consider to be the best answers to these questions?

Q1 No

Q2 Do not change until the new hospital is ready to open.

Q3 No

Q4 The proposals will result in a worse service for people living locally to City Hospital.

Q5 No

Q6 You would want urgent treatment including surgery at City Hospital. You would be fearful of the risks of transfer to another hospital.

Q7 No

Q8 Urgent care for a sick child should not be delayed by travelling to a hospital further away.

Q9 Ask why they want to make changes that will give you a worse service before the new hospital opens.

The other Questions are self-explanatory.

As well as completing your consultation form and returning it before the 16th February you can complete our petition form and return it to us and you can also choose if you wish to enrol with the City Hospital Supporters Group. For further information please see the post entitled Petition in Support of City Hospital (click here).

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