Monday, December 11, 2006

Support City Hospital

The City Hospital Supporters Group was established on Saturday 9th December 2006 when over 100 members of the staff from all branches of the workforce expressed their support for its objective…

That the people of West Birmingham continue to have 24-hour access to high quality emergency care for adults and children on the City Hospital site, until a new hospital, which can provide this service, opens its doors.

What is being planned by the hospital management?

1. Moving Inpatient Emergency General and Trauma Surgery from City Hospital to Sandwell Hospital.

2. Moving overnight-stay Children’s Beds from City Hospital to Sandwell Hospital and only offering a 12 hour Children’s Assessment Unit at City Hospital

Why should we be concerned?

City Hospital’s Emergency Department, the nearest to the City Centre, sees over 100,000 referrals per year with more stabbings and shootings than any other hospital in the Midlands and probably in the UK.

City Hospital sees almost twice as many emergency surgery patients as Sandwell Hospital.

These two facts mean that moving Emergency General and Trauma Surgery from City Hospital to Sandwell Hospital makes no sense!

Moving these services will also affect the training of the doctors and the reputation of City Hospital, making it less likely to be able to attract the best staff in the future.

This will mean a second-rate service for the people of West Birmingham.

City Hospital currently sees any child that is brought to the hospital, whether by the family (to the emergency department) or because they have been referred by a general practitioner (GP). If the hospital management decide not to have children’s doctors (paediatricians) at City Hospital 24 hours a day, such children will need to be transferred to Sandwell Hospital for assessment.

This will mean a second-rate service for the children of West Birmingham.

What can you do about it?

Click here to find out

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At 6:20 pm, Blogger AMBO999 said...

i am in the ambulance service and i can say you all have the support of all my collegues because we know you are bieng railroaded. remember the general hospital ?. remember there was to be a walk in centre for the public well it was closed down due to lack of use. yes you where railroaded yet again as it was kept low profile the public did not know it was there. what is going on ??? let me tell you because the govt. wont. they want to shut hospitals down to save money. i could save them millions but would they listen ??? i doubt it as i am only an ambulance man and what do we know eh ! its not more doctors or nurses we need but less bloody penpushers and the so called managers from biscuit factories trying to outclass each other. crumbs have they not done enough damage. get rid of the managers and get some good old fashioned matrons back. we have far too many people living off the back of the nhs with fat cat salaries and top cars. sell them off and get some wheel chairs for the hospitals. the fat catters brigade should be bloody ashamed of themselves.


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