Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mahmood to Raise Concerns in Westminster

It is rare for politicians these days to get of the fence, but according to a report in the Birmingham Mail Khalid Mahmood has done just that over the interim proposals at Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust. In the Birmingham Mail Big Debate in January he promised to send a consultation document to each of the households in his constituency and abide by the response. According to the Mail report, 200 people responded with 67% opposing the proposals to cut emergency paediatric and general & trauma surgery at City Hospital.

Mr Mahmood says he is "looking at raising this issue with the most senior people in Parliament, whether in private or on the floor of the house". Whether he will get an intelligent response is a different matter altogether.



At 2:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...
Go to the politics page for my latest activities. Most importantly, keep the pressure on and keep people aware of whats going on. One petition will not stop these plans.


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