Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vote, Vote, Vote!

This is a timely reminder to all the senior doctors at City Hospital to make sure that they vote in the secret ballot and return their voting papers by next Wednesday 20th June.

The Motion is lengthy for good reasons but the message is very simple:

We are FOR investment in a nice new hospital on the Grove Lane site.
We are AGAINST moving the Children's beds and the Emergency Surgical and Trauma beds from City to Sandwell Hospital while we wait for the new hospital.

There is a simple choice for voters, IN FAVOUR or AGAINST.
There is no option for those who are undecided except perhaps not to vote. I would like ALL those eligible to vote. Naturally I would prefer them to vote in support of the motion. However actually voting is the most important thing. Disagreement among human beings is essential for progress. We learn from different views being expressed. It is a great strength of the human race. It is how we resolve our disagreements that is important. Letting people decide at the ballot box recognises that the majority must determine what happens in a fair and free vote.

Why a secret ballot? It takes all outside pressures off the voters. Each individual can follow his/her conscience without fear of peer pressure or reprisals from any quarter. No names are required just a cross on the paper.

The ballot papers are numbered to ensure no duplicates. The sealed envelopes are numbered so they can be ticked off from the list to ensure people have voted. These lists will not be available when the sealed envelopes are opened and will be destroyed when our independent assessor from outside the Trust is content all is in order.


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