Saturday, September 22, 2007

Birmingham Post Appeal to Locals

I have been informed that the Chairman of the Independent Review Panel(IRP) investigating the interim reconfiguration plans affecting City Hospital's A&E services has a letter in Thursday's Birmingham Post inviting people to write in and comment on the Trust’s plans. I don't know if anyone can confirm this in the comments below, while looking at the Birmingham Post edition online I could only find this article which seems to be a similar request but as an article rather than a letter (although letters pages along with editorials do not tend to be included on the online editions).

Obviously the IRP are not from round here, but one would have thought they would have checked which local newspaper the people in the vicinity of City Hospital would be likely to read. The Birmingham Post would almost certainly be the least likely one if anything. Reading the article I am also concerned that they seem most concerned about the transport links between the two sites. Although this is of course an important point that was raised by locals, this was also something the Trust conceded and planned to work with Centro to improve in order to proceed with the plans. To be fair though, they did mention the expertise in gunshot and stab wounds at City, and the fact that patients with these injuries come to the hospital in a variety of ways, which will need to be considered alongside the Trust's proposals. This of course is one of the big arguments against the Trust's proposals, and one which they have not given a satisfactory answer to as yet.

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