Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Presentation to the IRP

Click here for the presentation that was given to the Independent Review Panel regarding the proposed interim reconfiguration plans which affect City Hospital's emergency & trauma surgery and emergency paediatric beds. It provides a concise summary of the arguments against the proposed reconfiguration, and is well worth a look whether you have been aware of this campaign from the start or are new to the arguments.

You do not have to sign into google to view the presentation. Just click on the link "View published presentation in a new window" to open the slideshow. To navigate through the slideshow, either use the arrows in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen or just click anywhere on the screen to view the next one.

Personally, I believe that this presentation blows the arguments of the Trust away. Given the size, support and arguments made by the City Hospital Supporters Group, if we do not get the Trust's decision overturned, it really begs the question as to what we, the users and taxpayers of our National Health Service have to do to decide how our money is used to treat our health needs.

NB: Due to the conversion from a powerpoint presentation to a web based presentation, there may be some problems with formatting on the version above. An alternative version is available here where you have to click to progress the sideshow point by point. Rest assured that these were perfect when we presented to the IRP!

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