Sunday, January 21, 2007

Campaign Goes National

On Friday, John Adler and Ken Taylor crossed swords again, this time on a national platform on the Matthew Bannister show on Radio Five Live.

The show should be available until Friday 26th January via the following link. The item starts 1 hour 19 minutes into the programme and lasts just over 10 minutes.

A particular highlight is when John Adler accuses Ken of intentional misrepresentation after it is claimed the doctors are not involved in the planned changes. Intentional misrepresentation? Why then have so many doctors from the affected departments joined the City Hospital Supporters Group? I have personally heard doctors say to me that they have told the Trust management of their concerns and have not been given acceptable answers. If by involved you mean asking them what they need and then ignoring what they say then I guess John is right.

Is this what the Trust plans to do with the public consultation?



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