Wednesday, January 24, 2007

E-mail to CHSG Members

The following letter was sent out today to members of the City Hospital Supporters Group via e-mail with details of the next meeting.


Dear Member

There will be a meeting of the City Hospital Supporters Group next Wednesday 31st January from 1245-1345 in the Coffee Lounge, Postgraduate Centre. Tea and Coffee will be provided.

Come and hear of the progress made so far, the positive feedback, and plans for future events.

Come and share in the brainstorming session to offer your ideas of ways to reach more people in the hospital and the community, to inform them of the plans, and invite them to make a response.

One suggestion is for a leaflet drop in the area. Could you spare half an hour to push some Green booklets through the doors in a road where you live, or work? You may have other ideas. Every little helps and your contribution is important. The plans are not set in stone; if enough people stand together, the Trust will be forced to listen. We can make a difference – come along and show your support for City Hospital.

Ken Taylor, City Hospital Supporters Group

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