Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Petition Presentation Press Release

A number of representatives from this 200 strong Group of hospital staff and members of the local community will be presenting petitions to Councillor Deidre Alden Chair of Birmingham City Council’s Health Scrutiny and Overview Committee on Monday 19th March at 12 noon at the Council House in Birmingham.

The Group have been campaigning against Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital Trust’s proposals to move Emergency Surgical, Trauma and Children’s Beds from City Hospital to Sandwell Hospital as part of their reconfiguration proposals while a new hospital is awaited in 2013.

The petitions opposed moving the Emergency Surgical, Trauma and Children’s Beds from City Hospital with the inevitable downgrading of the Accident and Emergency Department at that hospital and supported the development of 24 hour Assessment Units for both Children and Surgery.


“The Trust went out to consultation with fundamentally flawed proposals that would if they were implemented lead to worse Accident and Emergency Services for the people of Central and West Birmingham while they await a new hospital that will not open its doors before 2013 at the earliest. They have sought the views of the people and they have been given a resounding NO to their proposals” say City Hospital Supporters.

“This is only the tip of the iceberg and a major issue of this campaign has been making the community aware of what is at stake. Once they have appreciated what it will mean to them they have had no difficulty in voicing their opposition” said Dr. Ken Taylor a spokesman for the Group.

“This is not the end of the campaign. It is the beginning of the next phase. Even though the consultation ended on the 15th March the Trust will not be unveiling its final plan until May. Now is the time for people to contact their local Councillors and MPs if they have not already done so.”

“In addition to this petition the Health Scrutiny and Overview Committee of Birmingham City Council have resoundingly rejected the Trust’s proposals on changing their services and so have Mr. Khalid Mahmood’s constituents in Perry Barr after he had thoughtfully circulated them with a questionnaire.”

“The only sensible course of action for the Trust is to drop their plan and leave the beds at City Hospital while trying to shorten the time to the opening of the new hospital. Will it really take until 2010 to reach the stage of signing contracts?” asks Dr. Taylor.

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